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Video Marketing Series / What Makes For A Good Or Bad Video?


So what, exactly, makes a video good or bad?


The single and most important thing to keep in mind when crafting a great video is ensuring the message is relevant to the audience watching. Plenty of factors come into play, such as style, length, and content, but does the core message make sense for your brand, and does it speak to your specific audience?


One of the best attributes of video is the ability to describe complex subject matter in an engaging way. However, this can still take a bit of time, and we can all agree that if information can be communicated in the shortest timeframe possible, that’s a video that will perform the best.

With our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, we want to get the gist, make our judgments, and move on to the next action. Are all the elements coming together seamlessly?


Video uses a mixture of imagery, text, and audio to convey its messaging. If one of these elements is missing or weak, it better be on purpose.


An interview with terrible audio, or a company video clearly using stock imagery with no attempts to blend it in with their internal footage, are examples of a way that a viewer would be turned off.


You must always compensate for the ever-growing intelligence of today’s consumers.


Some brands want to be perceived as professional and high-quality, so the quality of video must match that perception. To be seen as a leader in an industry, you must look the part. A smaller business looking to come off as genuine or grassroots may simply rely on an iPhone, laptop, or webcam to do so.


Additionally, the video needs to be discoverable. We need to be able to search for it, and be able to find it without too much difficulty. This can be achieved with smart use of titles, tags, descriptions, and metadata that are baked into the video.


Lastly, the video needs to achieve its intended purpose. Every video begins with a strategy, and if that strategy leads to positive, measurable ROI, then I would call that a great video.


– Brett Mogavero / Owner – Legacy Production Company


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