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Video Marketing Series / What We Can Expect From Video In The Future


Since 2016, content marketing continues to skyrocket in popularity among businesses, and many are already setting up their budget for the next year. Here are some of the biggest trends affecting the content marketing sphere today.


The Rise of Visual Content

People are well-accustomed to the major forms of content like blogs, e-books, and white papers. Though these types of content will continue to be widely used, more and more brands are getting creative with their content in order to stand out.

Smarter search engine algorithms can read and analyze images to determine the niche of a website. Brands are now slowly shifting their resources into creating higher-quality content, such as image and video, to engage with their audience.

Content Will Get More Niche-Specific

Each year, millions of blogs and articles are posted, and the majority of them cover repeat topics. With an overabundance of content, marketers are expected to shift their efforts to more and more specific areas of the niche in the years to come.

This puts into play long-tail marketing techniques. Writing a post about a specific area of your niche can help you generate more readers and drive traffic to your website.


More User-Generated Content

User-generated content, that which comes from posts, comments, tweets, and images created by audiences of a brand, have become a solid content marketing tactic. We are likely to see more brands taking advantage of this in the near future.

When Coca-Cola introduced their personalized Coke bottles, a lot of people took pictures of the bottles with their name on it. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, Coca-Cola asked their customers to share these photos on social media, turning them into an army of small advertisers.


More Video and Promotion

Video has become one of the most successful types of content today in terms of grabbing people’s attention. From the rise of content marketing, video has experienced explosive growth, with 61% of businesses using video as a critical tool in their marketing campaigns.

More and more companies today are using paid promotion to get their highly-curated content directly in front of their target audience.


The best content won’t work without first promoting it to the correct audience.


Fact, 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching video throughout their entire path to purchase, a 52% jump in two years.


So if you’re a marketer looking to bolster your content marketing efforts, video has proved itself time and time again to be one of the most effective tools to drive sales and create measurable ROI.


– Brett Mogavero / Owner – Legacy Production Company


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