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Video Marketing Series / Video Content For The Real Estate Industry



A golden opportunity exists for both residential and commercial real estate in leveraging video within their content marketing efforts.

Though the marketing needs may vary for both, they do share one thing in common; People want to associate a face with a name. Trust plays a huge factor here, especially for the large scale buying decisions that are typically at play.


Residential real estate marketer’s biggest return on investment, is the creation of high-quality community and listing videos on YouTube and shared on social media. Successful real estate agents and brokers are also connecting with potential buyers by humanizing themselves online.


People buy from who they know and who they trust, and what better way to build trust than by providing free education to a new homebuyer, providing useful information such as what considerations they should make before purchasing a home. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to differentiate yourself.


In commercial real estate, video can not only help humanize large organizations, but aid them in connecting with the surrounding communities. When it comes to training or internal communications, video can be used to address the entire company more effectively or allow the sales team to alleviate repetitive aspects of their sales process.



So we know that video content will help us better connect with our audience, but what types of videos should you be making?

Well that would depend on which part of your sales funnel you are looking to engage them in. A video that is doing its job properly should attract, engage and convert your visitors, carrying them down the sales funnel.


At the top of the funnel, during the awareness stage, real estate marketing teams should be concerned with creating awareness and intrigue. Use fun and informative free content to achieve this goal.


Some great types of videos within the awareness stage are Agent or Office Promos. Think about what makes you stand out as a real estate agent. As a broker, think about what makes your office, your staff, and your culture stand out. Pinpoint your specialty in a short agent/office promo video.


Local Business Reviews, help sell the concept that when you purchase a home, you’re not just buying the property, you’re buying the neighborhood. Before making a purchase, home buyers want to know what the community is like. Give potential home buyers a feel for their future neighborhood with a series of short review videos of local businesses and community features.


An Informal Video is a great way to provide more value and impress your clients is by creating short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions. You’ll build a reputation as an exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable real estate resource, and the extra effort will yield dividends.


Lastly, you can use a How-To Video to share insights and advice on some of the complicated topics in real estate. Think “how-to select a real estate agent,” “how-to read an inspection report” and “what to do when your appraisal comes back low.”



At the middle of the funnel, during the consideration stage, you have your audience’s attention, but now you need to get them to choose your business! The idea is to remind your visitors why you are the best option without being to salesy about it.


Use these videos to showcase your middle-of-funnel content:


Listing Videos are the bread and butter of real estate video marketing.  Showing off the listings you represent in an attractive and engaging video is an effective way to attract new leads. 360° Videos are another immersive and captivating way for realtors to share immersive stories, places and experiences with their viewers.


To humanize yourself, you can create an Agent Profile. People want to work with real people. So tell them a little bit about yourself—your real estate experience, your hobbies, your family, your successes, even a funny story.


Interviews & Testimonials are a great tool to leverage referrals and build a strong client base. One way to grow not only your real estate network but also generate new leads is through filming short testimonial interviews. Chances are you’ve worked with a lot of respected buyers or sellers in the past, who can provide a first-person view into how great it is to work with you.


The last one I will mention is using Video Email. What better content to send than a video to catch the attention of your subscribers? Give them a dose of surprise and differentiate yourself by using a video at this stage.



Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, in the decision stage, where your potential customers are on the verge of converting, you need to give that one last push.


Here are a few types of videos that will help you achieve this:


Now at this point, your leads are generally looking for answers to any remaining questions they may have. FAQ Videos are perfect to allay their fears and tackle any remaining concerns they may have.


If you are looking to communicate with prospective homebuyers in real time Live Streaming may be the way to go. It’s the perfect venue for engaging with a broad audience over the web. Conduct a virtual open house. Show your out-of-town buyers the neighborhood. Host a Q&A for first-time home buyers.


Lastly, a Personalized Video or Thank You in an email from a staff member goes a long way, providing a personal touch and making a consumer feel special. These types of videos can be beneficial at any stage of the funnel, but they work well at the decision stage to give your potential customers the final push to purchase.


There are so many opportunities for you to offer your audience curated video content throughout their buyer’s journey. Videos that will help educate and inspire them, making it easy to trust your business, and move them to a purchase decision faster.




Here are just a few examples of successful video marketing campaigns that we can draw inspiration from.



Calgary Real Estate’s “Walkthrough,” is a great example of how you can incorporate close-up shots with panoramic views to create an alluring video that piques interest. This video relies on a cinematic feel in particular.

These types of videos work especially well with luxury listings, taking advantage of the unique landscape and close up details.



RUHM Luxury Marketing goes above and beyond with “21 HURLINGHAM,” An award-worthy video that looks like they it was produced by a Hollywood director.

For this listing video of the lavish Hurlingham estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, the video marketing agency went the extra mile to showcase not just the home, but the expansive property surrounding the house itself, which includes the best nature has to offer and a picturesque farm. The video does an astounding job of convincing any viewer the residence would be right for them.



Online Personality Jessica Riffle Edwards made this effective Facebook video post, proving that not all videos need a big budget. This North Carolina realtor makes time for unique on-the-go videos part of her marketing strategy to stand out.

A great deal of her published content is simply her speaking into a tiny camera while she’s in her car (presumably coming to and from open houses and client meetings). Her videos are quick, simple and to-the-point, while showcasing her personality.




Since 2016, content marketing continues to skyrocket in popularity among businesses, and many are already setting up their budget for the next year.


Here are some of the biggest trends effecting the content marketing sphere today:



People are well accustomed to the major forms of content, like blogs, eBooks and white papers. Though these types of content will continue to be widely used, more and more brands are getting creative with their content, in order to stand out.


Smarter search engine algorithms can read and analyze images to determine the niche of a website. Brands are now slowly shifting more of their resources into creating higher quality content such as images and video to engage with their audience.



Each year, millions of blogs and articles are posted, and the majority of them cover repeat topics. With an overabundance of content, marketers are expected to get shift their efforts to more and more specific areas of their niche in the years to come.


This puts into play long-tail marketing techniques. Writing a post about a specific area of your niche can help you generate more readers and drive traffic to your website.



User-generated content, that which comes from posts, comments, tweets and images created by audiences of the brand, have become a solid content marketing tactic. We are likely to see more brands taking advantage of this in the future.


When Coca-Cola introduced their personalized coke bottles, a lot of people took pictures of the bottles with their name on it. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, Coca-Cola asked their customers to share their photos on social media, turning them into an army of small advertiser’s.



Video has become one of the most successful types of content today, in terms of grabbing people’s attention. From the rise of content marketing, video has experienced explosive growth, with 61% of businesses using video as a critical tool in their marketing campaigns.

More and more companies today are using paid promotion to get their highly-curated content directly in front of their target audience. The best content won’t work without first promoting it to the correct audience.


So if you are in Residential Real Estate or part of a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Team, and you are looking to bolster your content marketing efforts, video has proved itself time and time again to be one of the most effective tools to drive sales and create measurable ROI.


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– Brett Mogavero / Owner – Legacy Production Company


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