Travel App

Capital One

  • Pitch Spot
  • Produced By Legacy
  • 2.5D Animation
One of the great things about working with the same client for years and years is bypassing all of the branding, message and tone discussions and just create something great. Our relationship with Capital One has become just this, a symbiotic creative relationship where even something like a concept pitch video can be fun and stand as an art piece in and of itself.
"At Capital One, we're reimagining the travel experience to support you every mile of the way."
We wanted our main character Ana, to not only be very expressive, but we wanted the environments to be poster-worthy at any point along the story. A lot of attention and detail was put into the scenery whether at home, in a cab or at the airport. We used all solid colors and a lot of basic shapes with a 15 degree slant throughout to add signature style. The animation features over 20 original characters, though not all animated, had complete 2D skeletons and full facial controls.

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