Animated Short

  • Concept Piece
  • 3D Animation
  • Mogue
Working with music always adds an extra element of complexity when it comes to executing an animated piece. It can get highly technical to the point where you are timing out every single note, and organization becomes paramount.
In a lot of ways this piece was inspired by the Muppet 'Animal.' We wanted to create an homage to that character by incorporating a lot of personality. This would end up being a challenge as early iterations lacked that 'oomph' quality that all drummers have when they are really feeling the beat.
We started out very basic, simply animating the limbs striking the different drum heads, and creating a simple foot rig for the bass hits. After the timing was locked, we added in style and embellishments, using reference from many different drummers.
We created a color-coded audio/visual reference for the audio track we selected - Meytal Cohen's drum solo cover of Move's like Jagger by Maroon 5. Some of the beats were too complex so it was slightly simplified, going through a few variations until it 'felt' right.

For high-quality character rigs like the one used in this short, check out the library at Long Winter Studios!