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The Thrive project was close to 2 years in the making. Not that the actually production process took that long, but the challenge of getting our client and our whole team on the same page regarding the highly visual and metaphorical concept took some time. With videos such as these that have very heavy technical language, our goal from the very start was to make it as visually stimulating as we possibly could while still relaying the main beats of the message.
The shift is already happening. Are you leading it?
The video was split up into two major processes, the live-action plates with composited visual effects, and the full CG renders. The live shots were captured on RED to give us the pixel density we needed for tracking and compositing the HUD-like interfaces that would swirl around the subjects. All CG shots were created in Cinema4D. Our biggest challenge was having all of these shots feel like they were part of one cohesive feel, especially when we used particle effects to transition between live-action and computer generated imagery.

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