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5 Ways Health & Wellness Businesses Create More Patients Using Video


With traditional marketing methods starting to lose their effectiveness, healthcare and wellness professionals are getting more proactive with how they acquire new patients.

Relying on referrals gives you little control of how many new patients are coming in each month, making it difficult to make smart predictions on how to grow and become more profitable.


What most aren’t talking about enough are all of the places you can inject strategic video content to make your business run like a profitable, predictable, well-oiled machine.


So here are 5 ways you can use video to boost new patient acquisition and cut down on time-consuming tasks.


  1. Authentic Storytelling

If you are going to cover a complicated topic that requires some rehearsing and lots of information, it may benefit you to prepare some words ahead of time. However, when it comes to the real-life accounts of those who are impacted by your services every day, it’s best to speak off the cuff.


Video testimonials from patients should be telling an emotionally-driven story. After all, those watching aren’t interested in your list of services, they are interested in what solution your services can provide them. By finding connection points with those who have already been served by you, they will have all the information they’ll need to book an appointment with you.


No one wants to feel like they are being coerced, sold or taken advantage of. That’s why it’s incredibly powerful to let the words of other speak for you. By using the right language you can avoid coming off like a marketer or salesperson, and come from a more authentic place right from the start.


  1. Address the Local Market

Most professionals in the health and wellness space are just good, honest people that truly want to help people. You build connections with the men, women and children in your local area. This is a great opportunity to personally speak to those in your area.


For example, if you serve a suburban area, you may want to create video content that talks about the hours you spend commuting to and from work and the toll it takes on your body. If you serve those in a densely populated area, perhaps tackling topics that relate to the amount of walking one does and the damage it inflicts to the soles of your feet.


The more you can speak directly to things that a potential patient can relate to in their own environment, the more trust you can build with them. They’ll feel like you understand them and the issues they are experiencing.


  1. Find a Niche to Leverage.

An effective way to grow faster is to go after a specific audience experiencing a specific problem. For example, not every patient walking through your door will be in serious back pain and looking for immediate relief. Of course, a select few will, but you can also help those who perhaps didn’t know the back pain they’re experiencing could be due to anxiety, relationship problems or an aging mattress.


If you are going to position yourself as a thought leader on a specific issue, you need to be going after that issue in a variety of ways. You can use video to provide content such as:


  1. 5 easy ways to improve your posture at work
  2. Muscle massaging techniques you and your spouse can do at home
  3. What most people don’t realize may be causing lower back pain


By focusing on a specific issue people have, it will be a no brainer for them to come to you for help it.


With competition in the health and wellness space getting more and more fierce, appearing as a specialist will allow you to cut through the crowd and dominate. From a marketing perspective, this can be leveraged for multiple specialties, but the individual marketing messages need to be separate from one another. Each with their own video, ad and landing page.


  1. Become an Educator.

You are the professional, so you should be leveraging your extensive knowledge and expertise in a way that educates potential customers. Many will be experiencing an issue for the very first time will begin extensively researching it in order to determine their options.


When they are looking for options, you better be there to intercept them. You can use video to diagnose and suggest solutions using helpful visuals that break it all down in a way that is easy to understand.


Further down the road, you can begin to develop a library of video resources that do most of the explaining for you and educate potential patients well before they first come into contact with you. Connecting with them later stages of the buyer’s journey also saves you a lot of work remarketing to them and trying to get them to convert into a paying customer.


  1. Conquer The FAQ

Undoubtedly, your customers and those looking to invest in your services will have a lot of questions. Recognize that most of these questions are the same ones you hear over and over again.


There is a big opportunity here to automate how you answer those questions. You can use video to answer questions they may have before an appointment, such as activities to avoid in the meantime or what paperwork to bring upon arrival. You can also use it to address questions and concerns after a procedure, such as recovery time, side effects or other considerations that occur after the fact.


Best part about all of this is you only need to create that tool one time and continue to use it for every patient that enters and leaves your building. This saves you time, eliminates repetitive tasks and builds trust.


– Brett Mogavero

CEO / Creative Director – Legacy Production Company

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Video Marketing Series / Video Content For The Real Estate Industry



A golden opportunity exists for both residential and commercial real estate in leveraging video within their content marketing efforts.

Though the marketing needs may vary for both, they do share one thing in common; People want to associate a face with a name. Trust plays a huge factor here, especially for the large scale buying decisions that are typically at play.


Residential real estate marketer’s biggest return on investment, is the creation of high-quality community and listing videos on YouTube and shared on social media. Successful real estate agents and brokers are also connecting with potential buyers by humanizing themselves online.


People buy from who they know and who they trust, and what better way to build trust than by providing free education to a new homebuyer, providing useful information such as what considerations they should make before purchasing a home. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to differentiate yourself.


In commercial real estate, video can not only help humanize large organizations, but aid them in connecting with the surrounding communities. When it comes to training or internal communications, video can be used to address the entire company more effectively or allow the sales team to alleviate repetitive aspects of their sales process.

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Video Marketing Series / Video Content For MedTech & Healthcare Industry



The marketing landscape for medical technology and healthcare providers is undergoing a dramatic transition. Spurred by changes in regulation and how consumers are now smarter and more informed than ever before, how can video provide value in these new and ever-changing conditions?


Now, more than ever, it is imperative that medical technology companies, and their customers, evolve parallel to one another. Manufacturers and healthcare providers can no longer simply deliver incremental product and cost improvements and expect to succeed. Hospitals and physicians are now embracing a more strategic relationship with manufacturers.


Current marketing tactics, continue to inch towards the digital space, where marketers can track audience engagement, make quick adjustments, and upstream content marketing efforts to downstream their revenue.

So where does video fit into the equation?

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Video Marketing Series / Video Content For The Manufacturing Industry



Industries that are hesitant to adopt new marketing techniques, do so because they have yet to see the benefits they will receive. But when it comes to video marketing, no one industry could benefit more from it than manufacturers. When it comes to content marketing, manufacturing companies that include video in their marketing strategies are ahead of the curve. The ones that are currently doing so make up only a small fraction, but are seeing significant results.


Businesses providing a product or service can create video content like any other, but manufacturers, with their complex processes, parts, and logistics can truly utilize this communication tactic to intrigue buyers. The ability to break down large quantities of information into a more digestible form saves time and money and serves as a secret weapon for sales teams.


Not only can you educate your prospective customers, you can create a more meaningful connection with them by publishing new content regularly.


Video finds itself ranked among the top content marketing tactics, savvy manufacturers are finding effective within their overall marketing plans.

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Video Marketing Series / Video Content For The Travel & Tourism Industry



Travel marketers have a pretty great job. Not only do they get to market desirable locations all over the world, but their digital marketing data is incredibly rich. How has video played a role in their marketing efforts and what can we expect moving into the future?


Almost every industry out there is struggling to capture, process and utilize data that is captured offline. But hotels, airlines and resorts are lucky enough they need only navigate within a buyer’s journey, that happens predominately online.


This may make it seem like the life of a travel or tourism marketer is easy, but we can all agree there is a paralyzing factor that comes into play when we are presented with too much choice. In travel, targeting the right audience is crucial, and the endless personalization options are overwhelming.


When the product is the destination, nothing helps a viewer visualize themselves there, quite like video. The need to deliver highly personalized and emotional content has led the travel industry into a new frontier of video marketing.

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Video Marketing Series / What We Can Expect From Video In The Future


Since 2016, content marketing continues to skyrocket in popularity among businesses, and many are already setting up their budget for the next year. Here are some of the biggest trends affecting the content marketing sphere today.


The Rise of Visual Content

People are well-accustomed to the major forms of content like blogs, e-books, and white papers. Though these types of content will continue to be widely used, more and more brands are getting creative with their content in order to stand out.

Smarter search engine algorithms can read and analyze images to determine the niche of a website. Brands are now slowly shifting their resources into creating higher-quality content, such as image and video, to engage with their audience.

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Video Marketing Series / 5 Tips To Keep Viewers Engaged


A great performance metric is audience retention. But how can you increase viewer’s retention in your videos?


Now, a general rule of thumb is to always keep the content on its legs. With dwindling attention spans and a high bar for entertaining and intriguing content, you can’t keep your content sitting in one place for too long.


When using YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia’s analytics tools, you can track precisely when viewers are dropping off. This is a fantastic tool for determining why and where your video content is least effective so you can make adjustments.

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Video Marketing Series / How To Create Great Video In A Dull Industry


Not all industries are created equal. So how do you create compelling video content if your industry isn’t flashy like some others?


I think we should all acknowledge that even though you may think your industry is boring, there is a large group of people out there who are ready and willing to consume your content.


A lot of times, it all comes down to how something is framed. If I were to explain to you the complexities of corporate tax law, I could probably manage to lull someone to sleep. However, when speaking to the right group of people, a riveting discussion could take place.

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Video Marketing Series / What Makes For A Good Or Bad Video?


So what, exactly, makes a video good or bad?


The single and most important thing to keep in mind when crafting a great video is ensuring the message is relevant to the audience watching. Plenty of factors come into play, such as style, length, and content, but does the core message make sense for your brand, and does it speak to your specific audience?


One of the best attributes of video is the ability to describe complex subject matter in an engaging way. However, this can still take a bit of time, and we can all agree that if information can be communicated in the shortest timeframe possible, that’s a video that will perform the best.

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Video Marketing Series / 5 Ways Video Can Boost Sales


Here are the top 5 reasons creating video content is crucial for your sales team.


The number one and most important factor is the ability to be helpful. Allowing consumers to quickly understand what your product and service is all about is invaluable.


Embracing an inbound methodology and answering those initial questions ahead of time saves your sales team a lot of time and energy.

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