Stage 5 Clinger

Animated Short

  • Concept Piece
  • 3D Animation
  • Mogue
We had quite a lot of fun putting this short together, using an audio clip from the classic bachelor comedy 'Wedding Crashers.' We have had fewer opportunities in the past to tackle comedy work in the past so we used this as a springboard into that subject matter.
The characters, purchased from the Long Winter Studios library, were incredibly flexible and allowed us to really push the expressions without breaking them and getting too cartoonish. We filmed our team acting out each of our repurposed scenes to use as expression reference.
One of the challenges of creating an animated short based off of audio from another medium is repurposing the dialogue and sound effects into an entirely new situation. We brainstormed a few different idea's but ultimately we liked the idea that the squirting liquid sound from the scene in the movie, would now come from pepper spray. As shown in this animatic, we ended up cutting the sequence short, feeling the door slam felt like a great ending point.

For high-quality character rigs like the one used in this short, check out the library at Long Winter Studios!