Rize App


  • Savings Automation App
  • 2D Minimalist Animation
  • Board Studios
"Rize uses technology to completely automate your savings so you can effortlessly set money aside out of each paycheck. We use behavioral science to help you figure out how much to save, what goals to put those savings towards, and to save more and more over time."

Rize wished to describe their app to its users in a simple yet memorable way. We accomplished this through the use of motion and more conceptual imagery. The overall effect is playful and creates quick interest in the app's functionality and how it can help you reach your financial goals. The desired outcome is to drive users to download and it did just that.

Rize has already developed a color palette for us to work with that included various gradients and sunburst elements.. We avoided using cliche' icons to describe the action of the narrative. Our challenge was to break down the complex concepts of financial automation and make it so easy to understand that even a child could understand it. Every round of storyboards, we broke down the visuals until we had only the essential parts remained.

The world is designed to consume your money. We’re here to save it.

1. Save for what you want

Rize is about goals. A new car, your first home, that dream vacation, retirement, that’s what you save for. Goals give the future meaning and Rize makes it happen.

2. Your money makes money

Your Rize account earns 5 times the national average. We know you work hard for your money, so your money is also working hard for you.

3. Security and peace of mind

We don’t mess around when it comes to security. Your privacy and protection are our top priority.