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Mike DelahantyHead of Marketing, PSG
"Our company worked with Brett from Legacy Production Company on a short animation to help educate our audience on the benefits of what we do.  The process was seamless and Brett was extremely accommodating to our needs.  We had no previous knowledge on how to create this type of content and Brett was there to help every step of the way.  The final result surpassed our expectations and we could not be more pleased with the outcome.  Thank you to the team over at Legacy Production Company and their commitment to create innovative and thumb-stopping content." - view project
Chrissy BellmanCEO, Levo Oil
"Legacy is a talented creative force, able to listen closely to guidelines and bring ideas to life. Their work on our packaging and video content helped established LEVO as a refined, elevated product and brought our brand into the spotlight. They efficiently and thoughtfully incorporate feedback and help you materialize your vision. The level of professionalism and acumen is outstanding for a creative agency. Not to mention, everything moves so efficiently and in an organized way. I would recommend them for any and all production needs, they deliver what you had imagined and so much more." - view project
Gina BecklesMarketing Manager, Intertek
"In early 2017 Inlight’s parent company, Intertek, unveiled a brand-new identity throughout the world. And with this announcement, Intertek Inlight, an existing product solution, needed to be overhauled to meet the challenge with a new look and video to support our parent company’s redesign. Legacy met the challenge and brought the visuals to our video idea. What was required was a video that married our parent company’s sleek, brand design concept, while promoting a web-based platform. Legacy did that for us – bringing fresh ideas - from the script, to the stock imagery, to the voiceover, to the final video output.and working quickly with us. The video has given our supply chain risk management solution global recognition by customers and been widely applauded by our international team members."
Gregory LucasCo-Founder, Liquid Lab NYC
"We were blown away by the professionalism, creativity and ultimately our final product (video) … Working with Legacy was a wonderful experience. They are now our go-to guys for any video related/marketing material." - view project
Brian BarlowCEO, The Pineapple Society
"I’m very apprehensive about who touches the creative of our long-standing and successful modern marketing company, The Pineapple Society.  I had searched for a while for someone who understood the depths and textures of graphics, storytelling and overall imaging for my clients.  Then I found Legacy.  They're progressive, modern, forward and logistical in every sense of the word.  I hired them after about two conversations and immediately knew they “got it.” A rare find for sure. Legacy works well under pressure and without handcuffs. Finding someone “creative” is easy, finding someone creatively intuitive is not.  Legacy is on top of their game and has helped us be on top of ours." - view project
John ReavesCEO, Learning Worlds
"Legacy addresses a wide variety of creative, communications, and marketing challenges without distorting the client's vision to fit a limited toolkit.  We've done projects with a half-dozen animators on a short timeline, and the ability to assess their skills, assign them appropriate tasks, and manage the outcomes to quality and schedule has produced astounding results. Terrific primary resource for any video project. Don't keep them in the rolodex - blow up their card and frame it over your desk. Highest recommendation." - view project
James Allen OrrOwner / Producer, Metanoia Concepts
"I've worked with Legacy for several years on dozens of projects, both large and small. We've worked on logo designs, print graphics, 2D motion graphics and 3D animations, and every time Legacy exceeds our expectations while delivering on-time and with the most reasonable prices i've ever found. Legacy is my default house for every new project that I begin, and I've always been impressed and happy with what they deliver."
Betsy ScottSales Operations Manage, SCI Direct
"Want creative, big picture thinkers – a strategic partner of all things design and communication? How about a Team of marketing/communication, design and production Pros that can take a budding concept of yours and blossom it into something beautifully inspiring, impactful and even persuasive…no matter your project or industry? Well, that is WHO Legacy is to me. And this is what they did for a crucial project. Not only did they produce a masterpiece but they executed expertly and swiftly with very little supervision or edits, which is such a pleasure (and very challenging to come by). Top notch – High functioning – Super skilled – Cutting edge."


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