DoubleJump Health

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

  • PwC DoubleJump Health™ Program
  • 2D/3D Hybrid Animation
  • Image Media
"DoubleJump Health™ from PwC is dedicated to helping organizations speed the pace of innovation in person-centered health and medicine and bring breakthroughs to market more quickly."
With innovations in consumer health, PwC desired to present these new technologies in creative fashion. There was a diverse and complex set of concepts to describe so there was a strong emphasis on cinematography and story to present the information. We crafted the end product from storyboard to final video in collaboration with Image Media and was presented at HIMSS 2016 conference in Las Vegas. It was received incredibly well and drove new traffic to PwC's product page.

With only 2 months from idea and implementation to delivery, the project had to be managed quickly and efficiently. There were a multitude of different animators, modelers and sketch artists involved and over 10,000 frames to be rendered in less than a week. In the end we created 9 unique sets, animated 7 different characters and prepared over 100 different props for interaction or to fill a set.

One of the added challenges of the project was to implement sketch style render elements in the opening and live action elements to the end. On one of the coldest days in February we filmed a hero character lookalike in Central Park to transition into for the final shot. The hero patient changed nationality and hair styles multiple times during the project, so the actor had to be recast as well.

“We are helping clients take on healthcare’s biggest, toughest challenges. The new mandate is to create real, better, and sustainable positive outcomes at the patient level.”