Performance Spine & Sports Medicine

Surgery Free Medical Commercial

  • Nature's Eats Inc. Products
  • Stop Motion/3D Animation
  • Board Studios
"Everyone gets hurt, from the working mom to the weekend warrior. Performance Spine & Sports Medicine is the place where patients come to when other methods and approaches have failed them."

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine sought to advertise their interdisciplinary platform through the use of motion graphic and animated characters. 3 commercial spots were created, the first features a 'superhero' that journey's us through the large suite of services offered at PSSM. The other two speak about 'spinal cord stimulator' technology that has a male and a female version for split AB testing.

Our design approach was to mimic cut paper and solid colors. We minimized gradients and strong shadows to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor scenes. Kinetic text was used to guide the voice narration and provide additional visuals.

Earlier variations of the cut contained sound effects but were later dropped in favor of a simple VO and soundtrack.

Get better. Pain-free, drug-free, surgery-free. PSSM will help.