Donation Video

  • Plasma Services Group
  • Produced By Legacy
  • 2D Animation
PSG came to us with a simple ask: Create an attractive donor recruitment video that was simple and easy to understand. This video would live on the website itself as well as be used on social media platforms. We developed an original script and set of characters that could speak to the diversity of age, race and sex of those who make great candidates to donate plasma. Those who donate not only receive compensation for their time, but they contribute greatly to medical research and development that brings aid to future generations.
"Plasma Services Group prides itself on being a leader in the specialty antibody collection process for the medical diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries."
Originally intended to be live-action and animation, the client requested we push on fully with 2D animation. We developed scenery and props based upon real-life tools used during the plasma extraction process. Each character was animated using a puppetry tool with realistic movement that portrayed their emotions without the need to speak; A technique we have perfected over the years in order to be as time-efficient as possible. The client was delighted with the end result and has been working as intended, gaining volunteers!

The Difference Is In The Data