Performix House

Zach White

  • Fitness / Personal Trainer
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Live-Action Video
Zach White is a phenomenal personal trainer and close friend of ours. He works with high-profile and celebrity clientele at Performix House in lower Manhattan. To represent both Performix and his own personal brand, we decided to shoot a high-energy promo of his training routine to highlight both his physique and philosophy. We would be using this a social media content primarily on Instagram so the overall video length and cuts are tight without much excess.
"You're not strong until you can find that strength when you feel weak"
Performix house not only employs top fitness talent, but they cater specifically to social media celebrities and influencers to promote their personal brands. A lot of social media content in the personal training space features raw and unedited footage so stylistically, to differentiate ourselves, we used a RED high-quality cinema camera to make it as cinematic as possible. We used all natural lighting coming from the windows, and shot everything almost completely as it appeared in the studio.

Own Hard Work