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PennyVacay collaborated with Legacy to create a conceptual travel auction site geared towards providing a lottery-type alternative to purchasing vacation packages. The entire package included branding, logo, a responsive gaming-type website that had to be developed and tested, 4 different commercial spots that were both live action and animated, email templates, web ads, print ads and more.

To peak interest before the official launch, a social media sweepstakes was implemented and directed to a landing page where interested users could learn more about the company. We received over 12,000 signups before launch, most of whom signed up officially after the launch.

Vacay Kid - Commercial
It's Time - Teaser Commercial
The website development required extensive testing and over 500 unique graphic elements in order to function. Some of these assets included product images, how-to videos and explainers.

The website housed a complex timing system that provided the biggest challenge of all. The site needed to perform accurately on a millisecond to millisecond basis on any service provider, anywhere in the U.S. Multiple techniques were used but eventually we achieved a near perfect refresh rate that was accurate for 99% of users on the site.

The site was designed to be fully responsive and break from the traditional mold of site design. We wanted the user to feel a sense of legitimacy and professionalism as well as an approachable gaming feel. This was achieved by using a vibrant color palette and flat light iconography that shapes the sites many features.

Flight School - Teaser Commercial
To introduce the functionality of the site and intrigue viewers, we developed two animated characters, a pilot and a flight attendant. We had professional voice actors walk the user through menu systems, explain rules, and how to contact support if they had any more questions.

Penny Vacay, Take a break from busy.

There were many different graphic deliverables developed for the site. Print ads with sweepstake entry and discount codes were placed throughout different cities on the east coast and an impressive number of them were redeemed for currency on the site.

We AB tested different variations of our social media ads and achieved an above average CTR for the messages that included exotic locations.

Our live action spots were filmed on location featuring two child and two adult actors. Both concepts were developed by the Legacy creative team from script to edit and appeared for a month on the Scripps Network, which distributed impressions nationally on the Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY TV, and the Food Network among others. We also advertised a two-day buyout on the Travel Channel website.