Nora The Explorer

Constituency Management Group

  • Nora The Explorer Storybook
  • 2D Animation
  • CMG Singapore
This animation was to work as a teaser and promote the book “Houston we have a narrative problem”. Nora The Explorer would be shown at presentations and viewed online.
Nora is a story about the science of storytelling and this video was a compliment to that main theme. As a storybook video, all of the content needed to remain cartoonish and playful. The demographic was targeted at young children 4-14. Release of this video was to build interest for Randy Olson's kids novel under his parent company Prairie Starfish Productions.
We were given a rough storyboard and began to stem off of those original ideas into something of our own. The main challenges involved the hero character's design aesthetic. We wanted to maintain a wholesome feel without coming off too glamorous. Original designs resembled the progressive spies that received a lot of backlash and we wanted to avoid that.

"Houston we have a narrative problem."