Nature's Eats

Trailmix Commercials

  • Nature's Eats Inc. Products
  • Stop Motion/3D Animation
  • Board Studios
Nature's Eats is committed to providing natural, organic and minimally processed food and finding the fertile regions of the world where products are optimally grown. Their sourcing experts are passionate about establishing key grower relationships that become the source of their success.
The tone of the commercial spots was to be quirky and fun. For this, we developed a stop motion animation concept for 3 of their products. These spots were 15 seconds so the action had to be easily digestible and not too complex for the viewer to understand in such a small time frame.
Some of the challenges we faced when producing the spots involved the accuracy of the product. With such a stylized medium it took a few rounds of modifications to satisfy the client with the portrayal of their products. We wanted to maintain a sense of realism while keeping the light-hearted cartoon-like aspects.

Natures Eats is a family owned and operated company focused on curating, blending and packaging the world's finest grown food products.

We initially attempted a few different practical techniques to achieve the final look. It became a blend of live action footage and paper cutouts mixed with 3D assets composited together. Keeping everything at 12 frames per second allowed us a cushion when adding layers of detail that didn't look out of place.