Natural Selection

Animated Short

  • Concept Piece
  • 3D Animation
  • Legacy Pro Co LLC
This animated piece was created in response to the rising 'dragon' obsession in popular media. We wished to test out the acrobatic limitations of a large character within a small space, as well as experiment with 3D coloring techniques.
The design aesthetic was simple. To create a realistic environment while keeping it bland enough to the point where the characters were moving within a monochromatic paper-like universe. This allowed us to really showcase the animation and not have the eye drawn anywhere it didn't need to be.
The choreography was paramount in the early stages of this piece. The interaction between the two characters needed to be fast paced, full of near misses and exact timing. In the end, the early animatics stayed true to the end results, translating well from 2D into 3D.

For high-quality character rigs like the one used in this short, check out the library at Long Winter Studios!