Albert Infographic

  • Albert Financial App
  • 2D Minimalist Animation
  • Board Studios
"Albert connects to all of your accounts, provides real life recommendations—like repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan, getting renter's insurance, or setting up the right retirement plan—and lets you take action directly from the app." is a useful tool that gathers all of your complex financial information, places it into one channel, and gives the user smart feedback to make informed decisions. They wanted to present their brand using an animated infographic more conceptual in nature than others like it.
From a design standpoint, we wanted to use more shapes than iconography to create a minimalist style. There is a reliance on using icons to describe something and sometimes there is no icon that says exactly what you're trying to say. Our challenge was to break down these concepts and rely only on motion and transitions to sell the idea. Every round of storyboards, we broke down the visuals until we had only the essential parts remained.

The best financial advice is simple. Albert makes it happen, for free.

1. Connect your accounts

Albert looks at your entire financial picture to provide recommendations. We use 128-bit bank-level security, and we don't store your credentials.

2. Get real-life recommendations

Albert recommends actionable improvements like repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan, getting renter's insurance, lowering credit card fees, or setting up the right retirement plan. Albert is always humming along quietly in the background, making sure that you're making the best financial decisions.

3. Make it happen

Act on our recommendations right here in the app. We’ve built relationships with the world’s largest financial institutions so you can take action. You can get a loan with a few taps, save automatically each week, or get insurance with a thumb print, all on your phone.