Mardi Gras

New Orleans Tourism

  • Louisiana Tourism
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Live-Action Video
Some called us crazy for taking cinema-caliber video production equipment onto Bourbon street during Mardi Gras. Suffice to say it truly was ground zero for the exact amount of chaos and festive behavior one could imagine in their minds. However, our goal with this tourism spot was not to simply show the raw, 'party-monster' facade most visitors associate with New Orleans, but to provide a quick and highly-visual introduction to what they can expect to see.
"Tourism during Carnival accounts for close to a billion dollars for the city of New Orleans, so we’re depending on YOU to come and have a great time!"
Our team only had a few days to capture all of the content we would be using for this piece, and unfortunately, due to weather conditions, dense crowds and parade routes, we had a tough time getting the shots we needed. Heck, we barely had room to set up any of our shots in the places we wanted to film. Because of this, we adapted the tone of the piece to something a bit more humorous, utilizing half stock video, half filmed footage, weaving them together to create an entertaining yet informative product.

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