M3 Model

McKinsey & Company

  • B2B Video
  • Produced By Legacy
  • 2D / 3D Animation
As our first big project with the McKinsey team, expectations were set pretty high. We were given a heavy bit of information to translate into an engaging piece of content for their M3 marketing model push. The challenge is always to create alluring visuals that seamlessly flow from one to another while keeping everything grounded. Because these animations need to inform as well as entertain, you can never get too abstract or you lose the viewer, which is often well-informed.
"Imagine if, instead of selectively measuring campaigns, you could assess the impact of everything you do in real time with a single source of truth."
We don't always set out to create things in 3D, but we always anticipate that certain parts of the sequence may call for it due to the dynamics of the shot or the way it was storyboarded. In this case, the entire project was started for a 2.5D pipeline, but we quickly made the decision to create everything in Cinema 4D. While this was more time consuming, this was a great learning process for us in terms of how to nail flat shaders that let you move between 2D and 3D without the viewer noticing.

A Forward-Looking Framework