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Oil Infusion - Reimagined. LEVO is the first premium kitchen appliance for infusing herbs in butter or oil at home, mess free.
Our continuing relationship with the LEVO team presented opportunity to create the first lifestyle video for their website. This was to be shown in tandem with the shipping of the first round of preorders. Over a two-day shoot we shot a lifestyle video as well as an instructional that would nest on the various pages of their site redesign.
With over five years of development and engineering, LEVO is the first device designed exclusively for infusing oil and butter. We’re passionate about empowering people. Allowing you full autonomy & control over your ingredients, process & consumption.
Some of the challenges we faced, certainly when photographing all three color combinations; black, stainless steel and copper, were the varying degrees of reflection. These particular materials reacted to light in very different ways and took a considerable amount of tweaking for them to play nicely with each other. Certain social media shots, filmed on a green backdrop from above were the most challenging, working with the unique shape and perspective of the device itself.
We also produced a photoshoot for team LEVO on an additional day, giving them all of the social media material they needed for a well-prepared launch.

Oil Infusion: Reimagined