Product Design

  • Oil Infusion Technology
  • 3D Rendering
  • Levo Oil Inc.
LEVO is the first household kitchen appliance of its kind. Now, it's easier than ever to infuse oil or butter with practically any herb in your own home - at the touch of a button.
Levo came to us for a variety of creative assets , including product renderings, packaging design and app development. The 3D models came direct from manufacturing and needed to represent three different color combinations. We went through a few photo combinations for compositing, wanting to avoid the stigma of being confused with a coffee maker.
By leveraging traditional methods of household infusion and taking away the mess, LEVO makes infusing any oil OR butter with any herb easier than ever before. It’s as simple as pouring the carrier of your choice, adding the desired herb and setting the appropriate time and temperature. After infusion is completed, LEVO gently dispenses your unique blend!
The LEVO brand itself is based out of Colorado. The packaging design needed to be simple and elegant. When a potential customer sees the package either on the web or on a shelf, all 4 sides contain intriguing imagery. Inspirations for modern design took a note from Apple and stainless steel KitchenAid products.
We created a set of original iconography for the long list of hers and oils LEVO works best with. These design elements are threaded throughout the LEVO website and on the developing mobile app.

Oil Infusion: Reimagined