Labelle Unisex

Website / Social Media

  • Unisex Hair Salon
  • Website / Social Media / Photoshoot
  • Park Slope - Brooklyn
LaBelle Unisex hair salon trusted us to build them a stronger online presence so we conducted market research for the Brooklyn area and uncovered some interesting data.

With a large abundance of hair salons in residential areas of Brooklyn, we looked into what residents and visitors looked into when choosing a salon. A large percentage had to do with proximity, but we found that the website and google maps presence helped to tip their decision making.

Only 3 out of 30 salons within a 1 mile radius of LaBelle Unisex had a properly functioning website, and only 1 of them relinked to any type of social media platform.

Market Research:
  • Statistics show that 70% of visitors to salon and spa websites are unique visitors who have never been to that site before. Most likely, these are potential new clients.
  • The most visited pages on a salon or spa website are: location photos, services, and hours. These pages provide the vital information consumers look for when choosing a salon, so make sure that they are easy to locate.
  • Knowing that 70% of the visitors to your site are new, you should give them a reason to look no further and book an appointment. Entice them with prominently located “new client offers” on your home page.
  • One of the most common complaints from salon owners is the inaccuracy of bad reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites - Including a live review feed on your website and Facebook page indicates that you are trustworthy and confident in your work.
  • The most effective businesses are smart with their Social Media – they don’t let weeks go by without posting – They don’t let days go by without replying to a user comment, The most effective social media sites are Present, Authentic and Respond.

La Belle Unisex has been serving the Park Slope and Brooklyn community for over a decade.

Mogue developed a new website, setup facebook and instagram accounts, created email templates and setup a photo shoot for the campaign. The color palette and style was taken from the salons decor and product line.