Sizzle Campaign


  • Jupiter Chevrolet™ Texas
  • Commercial / Ads
  • Pineapple Crush
Jupiter Chevrolet was ready for a makeover and required a 360 marketing campaign.
We delivered 5 commercial spots in two different languages, 4 social media videos, web graphics, email templates, print ads, banners and magnets for the campaign.

The style played off of their original 'serving up sizzle' concept, so many of the elements involved warm bright colors, fire & smoke elements.

At the campaign's epicenter is a 'menu' of test drive options. Many of the graphic elements were designed for large-scale print on banners placed throughout the building.

This dealership is throwing in the towel and the pan!

Jupiter Advantage:
Lifetime powertrain limited warranty
Door ding protection
Windshield repair
Interior repair protection
Allow wheel protection