ISIS Awareness Video

State Department

  • Department Training Video
  • 2D Animation
  • Interface Media Group
In this dark graphic novel, a western-styled young adult male from an immigrant community, contemplates joining ISIS and fighting in Syria before being thrust into the realities of the conflict.
We were excited to implement a comic-book style to this project as it allows for very vivid and detailed environment work. With such a serious subject matter, the content lends itself to a bold color palette and we took advantage of that to highlight objects within scenes as well as overlaying text messaging elements overtop the action.
All of the environments and characters were drawn and colored via hand sketch. This was a time consuming but rewarding process. Elements were then placed into 3D space to create a true sense of depth when the camera moved within it.

The fight in Syria is not necessarily good versus evil, it's so much more complex than that.