Interactive Menu

3D Scanning Concept

  • Legacy Production Company
  • 3D Scanning Technology
  • Restaurant Industry
With so many people checking out bar and restaurant menus on their mobile devices, there is a huge opportunity for interactivity. Legacy used 3D scanning technology to capture food items exactly how they are from kitchen to plate.
The initial concept stemmed from various menu's across different restaurant's in NYC. Some had great menu's, utilizing strong visuals to push certain items, others had all text with few images. The best restaurants had spent time to develop their online menu, creating a strong argument to visit their establishment. We felt driven to the items with great imagery and had a thought. Shouldn't we be treating our menu's more like how we treat food images on instagram?
Restaurant and bar owners should be treating their menu's like they treat their Instagram accounts. With big, bold imagery that makes their mouths water.
We first used a scan of burger straight out of the wrapper. And although we found the high poly count great in terms of overall quality, marketers want an 'ideal' burger that looks close to perfection even though it's not 100% realistic. Food chains like McDonalds understand this concept. So we decided to scan individual ingredients, blend them with realistic 3d models and piece together food that could have ingredients manipulated.
The process of capturing an object an object in perfect detail came with its own set of challenges. What is the point of creating a realistic model if it doesn't retain all of the exquisite detail? Using a 180 degree slider, we captured over 180 images of each object at 6k resolution. These 'rings' of images are angled both top down and bottom up.

We used Autodesk Recap to stitch the images together into usable models. Some required cleanup but overall we were impressed with how well the stitching software performed.

Create accurate 3D models with reality capture