AIMS - Product Demo Video

  • GetItFirst Tech
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Motion Graphics
GetItFirst Tech approached us with this product demo video for their client i3Ops; A company that uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns of human behavior in various social platforms. We knew that we wanted to rely on graphics 100% for this demo to avoid the expense of using lots of stock video and stay within budget. We set out to create 'white label' social media templates that we would populate with fabricated stories that applied to each human emotion that their systems would analyze and categorize.
i3Ops is unraveling the chaos of social media to provide 'actionable data'
The clients software platform was still in its beta stages upon the initial conception of the demo video, so we had to put in placeholders while they raced the clock to finish the interface and supply us with accurate graphics. There were two main parts to the video; First was the intro 'social media realm' that features the i3Ops color palette in a sort of digital construct of particle-based images and text. Second was the actual use of the platform itself with an animated mouse clicking through the various menus.

Artificial Intelligence Maintaining Safety