Honda Powersports


  • Automotive Ad
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Live-Action Video
The newly redesigned Honda CB650R is a masterful blend of new technology with classic styling. The build is reminiscent of the cafe-racer style bikes of the 50's and 60's. These bikes were specifically built from scratch to mirror the style and feel of it's predecessors, the goal being to craft a lightweight ride stripped down to its bare essentials, resulting in better handling and a sportier appearance. As producers, the sheer beauty of this man-made machine made our jobs easy, we just needed to come up with the right visual concept.
"The man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present instant of his flight."
We filmed in four different locations. The majority in various residential locations, warehouse studio as well as Summit Point Raceway where we obtained special permission to film on a live track (at our own peril). Central to the flow of our concept is a passage from Czech-French writer Milan Kundera. We felt that many automotive ads rely too simply on masculine 'rock-n-roll' tropes so were looking to create something more intimate to describe the relationship between man and machine. Both when he is riding passively as well as when competing.

Adventure Awaits