Hipster Cocktail

Animated Short

  • Concept Piece
  • 3D Animation
  • Mogue
This piece was inspired by dive bar bartenders as well as flair bartending tricks. Both of which were fun idea's to create a squash-and-stretch style animation.
One of the challenges we faced in this particular short was solid body dynamics in the glassware all over the shelf. In order to sell the realism of the main character colliding with the shelf, all of the separate items of glassware needed to shake, but still remain upright throughout the duration of the sequence. This took quite a bit of tweaking to create a seamless dynamics simulation.
The animation style we originally conceptualized was to use strong poses to exploit the characters lengthy torso and limbs. We decided on a few different flair tricks, some were replaced, others pushed to become slightly ridiculous.

For high-quality character rigs like the one used in this short, check out the library at Long Winter Studios!