Fubu - Branding Spot

Hip Hop Apparel

  • Athletic Clothing Brand
  • Commercial Spot
  • Beverly Boy Productions
Daymond John founded FUBU in 1992 from his home in Hollis, Queens, New York. It has since shifted into the international market, particularly in the Philippines, where it has thrived into a blend of Hip Hop and Electronic music culture.
Initial concepts for the commercial spots were slated for filming in Miami, but it became apparent that the iconic 'gritty' New York vibe was sorely missed. Mogue was contracted by Beverly Boy Productions to assemble a crew to film in various locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. In an intimate club scene, basketball court and graffiti covered backlots, we follow a group of young adults decked out in the newly minted FUBU style.
One of the biggest concerns for the shoot was the 12 hour timeline the team worked in. With a spectacular grip and lighting team, both interior and exterior shots were setup in record time, allowing the film crew to move in with a two-man MoVi setup and capture spectacularly colorful images. The Red Epic captured 6K and 4K at 96 fps to provide raw material for the 3 spots we developed.
Most of the challenges were weather related, with the original shoot date completely rained out. The actual shoot date was unusually cold for April and was tough to work through for all of the actors wearing shorts and athletic gear. Our dancers warmed themselves up in a tight huddle as we filmed a sweeping choreographed shot following our iconic FUBU handshake. This would become a recurring element as we transition from scene to scene.
Production had a tight timeline with 3 separate locations between the East Village and Williamsburg, NYC.

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