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  • Live-Action Video
During 4 days shooting on RED in the red hot Colombian sun with tons of heavy stedicam equipment and motorized sliders, we followed a group of friends from rooftops to city streets, from beaches to drone shots far out into the ocean on remote beach party islands. We obtained elegant footage that truly captures the beauty of Cartagena and its locals. We feel this was imperative to expose the sheer truth that this place is NOT as dangerous as most people think.
"To say that the country has undergone a dramatic shift in the last 50 years, is an understatement."
In post production, we always knew we would take the 'Narcos' style approach that would add level of dark humor to the storytelling. This would not have been possible without some serious voice over talent working with our script. With little direction, the tone was perfect and there were little adjustments that needed to be made to the final mix. We strung together over 200 individual shots into the final sequence that mixes gimbal, stedicam, slider, drone footage and a few bits of stock video to round it all out.

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