Coco & Breezy

Fashion Photoshoot

  • Coco & Breezy
  • Fashionwear
  • 2016
"Coco & Breezy is a fashion accessory company based in the United States. The company was founded in 2009 by Corianna and Brianna Dotson, African American and Puerto Rican identical twin sisters, when the sisters were 19 years old."
During the team's time in the Caribbean, fashionista's Corianna and Brianna (Coco and Breezy) partnered with the models of CNTM for a fashion shoot to show off their latest line of sunglasses, including their sought after Tres - Three Lens.

Each model sported a different pair, vibrant in color and shape, matching the saturated background's of a mural-covered oceanside warehouse.

One of the challenges of a fashion shoot where the accessory is the feature element is finding a balance between the model and that item. Shots that are too wide, make them feel as if they are just an afterthought so we tried to keep it tight and intimate throughout. The angle must display their shape and form and the selection itself must compliment the model they are on, even attempt to overpower as they will always be smaller. It's a unique balance and a bit of a battle at times.
“Your eyewear is always your outfit and your clothing outfit is always your accessory”.
"Whilst on a trip to NYC in 2009 as 18-year-old fashion outsiders, Coco and Breezy and their eclectic eyewear were an instant hit – the fashion world beckoned as people continued to ask where they can purchase their custom eyewear. Their style success story started to take off.