Inside Advantage

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  • CBRE Group
"CBRE creates shared advantage through an integrated program of environmental and social actions that generate sustained growth and continuous opportunity for both the company and the communities it serves."
The marketing team at CBRE had developed a wireframe for this piece in the early stages of development. When they came to us, there was a pretty specific outline of branded content and video clips they wanted to see to accomplish their goals. This piece wanted to tease the company culture behind the Inside Advantage campaign so it would, in the end, be a looser piece less focused on specific details or data.
A few challenges in working with such an all-accompasing corporate video were the brand guidelines involving text placement and color palette that allowed for very little variation. We found a bit of creativity in using the thin green strip to accentuate the wide, more visually stunning shots.
"Our rise values are fundamental to the shared advantage we bring as an industry leader."

Access. Authenticity. Accountability.