MDG Advertising

  • MDG Advertising
  • Animated Video
  • Produced By Legacy
We were approached by MDG Advertising to produce a family-friendly animation on dental care for a local orthodontist. The goal was to use this video as a 'post-braces' guide to caring for your teeth during your time with them on. Our initial concept was to have a cartoon mouth become the centerpiece of the entire animation. This kept it colorful and playful, with a lot of room to add expressiveness as well as a means to get closeup on the teeth and the action surrounding them.
As the mouth is the most important part of the animation, we actually developed a 'joystick control' in order to create a sense of realism and fluidity to the changing mouth shapes. The actual movement of the mouth was driven by a 'real-time' motion capture recording to pick up on those subtle micro-movements. This ensured that the mouth was never completely still when in resting position. The other visual elements were then illustrated and worked into the sequence.

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