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DoubleJump Health

  • Bodylogical 3D
  • 3 Animated Spots
  • PwC
We can use health data to simulate individual human bodies, quickly predict possible
outcomes of interventions and make a leap forward in the approach to health. We can do this right now using Bodylogical™ from DoubleJump Health™"
This being the third installment of the DoubleJump Health animation series, we knew what to expect from the PwC team in terms of pipeline and brand guidelines. The challenge we faced was keeping the project relatively "neutral" as this is still a fairly new technology and currently still in development. The overall creative design was simplified through each round, becoming more iconic than illustrative.
With a brand guidebook over 50 pages long, it was more important than ever that we stick to exact fonts, weights, kerning, color and placement. The PwC "look" is something the company painstakingly maintains to protect it's consistent corporate image.
From a technical standpoint, each of the three pieces would appear without sound as background elements in a large venue. The 3D paper-like platforms that would house the illustrative elements would stay mostly the same throughout the process. A pipeline decision that ended up saving a lot of time during the revision process. We worked with 3-4 talented illustrators to develop differently styled characters for each piece.
A breakthrough in health decision making.

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