Business of Artistry


  • Business of Artistry LLC
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Commercial Video
The Legacy team lent a hand in shooting a commercial for the owners freelancer education platform: The Business of Artistry. While the commercial would primarily use footage from Legacy's extensive portfolio, the main sections of the commercial had to be shot on Manhattan streets and in a Brooklyn studio. As this was self-funded the pressure was less than that of major client shoots.
Our production crew of 8 partnered with Brooklyn studio Firelight.
The team shot on the RED Epic-X Dragon, which gave us enough resolution to punch in on the slider shots. That said, while half of the video was comprised of live-action video, the other half was all graphics displaying the contents of the education platform. To keep everything within the bright and clean brand style, our after effects artists weaved in 'abstract shapes' throughout the video to tie it all together.

The skills they didn't teach you in art school.