Auto Specs

Capital One

  • Editorial Videos
  • Co-Produced By Legacy & Captiv Creative
  • Live-Action + Motion GFX
We're always excited when we can shoot both live-action video and incorporate visual effects into it. Capital One was looking to capture a series of shots for over 20 different new vehicles in order to highlight various features and technologies for their editorial pages. Legacy teamed up with Captiv Creative to get this done. Captiv specializes in robotic-assisted camera control which was an essential tool in shooting smooth and consistent shots. Not to mention pre-programming some of them ahead of time.
Because these videos were for editorial use, the overall pace of the editing is a bit slower than something you would see in a social media ad. Viewers are meant to read and retain every individual feature, because they are they to learn specifically about that vehicle. Some features were too difficult to shoot in a studio environment so we created scenes such as automatic lane keep assist and computer-driven collision detection in 3D to avoid logistical constraints.
Despite all of the advanced robotics, we were only able to shoot about 2 a day in order to ensure the safety of the crew and the vehicles.
All-in-all, the collaboration between the Legacy, Captiv and Capital One team went incredibly smoothly, everyone incredibly professional with their unique part of the pipeline. As we continued to set up shoots, we shot more cars in a shorter timeframe and introduced elements like a probe camera to enhance shots that were difficult to acquire with the robotic arm due to space limitations. In extreme circumstances Legacy utilized high-res 3D models to recreate the dashboard or steering wheel.
"The man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present instant of his flight."

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