Black Box

Armaments Research Company

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"Armaments Research Company is dedicated to researching and developing high-quality, rugged firearm accessories to enhance and safeguard the end user’s experience."
We were tasked with creating the overall visual style of the brand across different tech mediums. The website design started from scratch from what was originally designed to convey a more complex subject matter 'firearms' in a smarter way. The difficulty of representing tech involving firearms is not to use design elements that convey danger, and cater more towards aspects of safety.

What initially drew us to this project was the compromise it made with gun rights and gun violence. Guns will never be abolished in this country, it will simply never happen as it is sewn into the fabric of this country. It has proved difficult enough to limit the accessibility of firearms even after a traumatic event such as a mass shooting.

The ARC system is the first solution I have seen that plays fair on both sides. 'Accountability' is the name of the game. We wont control your right to keep and bear arms but we will make you accountable for when and where you use that firearm. Through a mixture of GPS and tracking technology paired with a small device embedded within the handle of the gun, when a round is discharged, we have what is essentially a black box tracking the direction and timestamp of that round.

The strategy for the User Interface was to modernize the typical stagnant GPS designs that have prolonged themselves into the modern era. Working with the blues, greens and grays seen throughout the web site design, as well as a more visually appealing menu system and animated notifications, the overall presentation feels much more professional and with the times. Since this technology will be first implemented by state police and military, we continue to lay in a carbon fiber and tech camo elements as well.

Every Second Counts. When a situation turns for the worst out on the field, backup is coming.

Core Values:
  • Pioneering and proprietary concept in high-tech firearms accessories.
  • Assisting the national market in educational efforts to ensure use of the Company’s gun safety devices meet the demands of the consumer, manufacturer, and government oversight efforts.
  • Developing and maintaining a consumer base which demand high-tech firearms accessories and later expanding into new geographic, psychographic and demographics markets.
  • Meeting fiduciary and social responsibility by creating value for investors, stakeholders, businesses and customers.