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Video Marketing Series / 5 Ways Video Can Boost Sales


Here are the top 5 reasons creating video content is crucial for your sales team.


The number one and most important factor is the ability to be helpful. Allowing consumers to quickly understand what your product and service is all about is invaluable.


Embracing an inbound methodology and answering those initial questions ahead of time saves your sales team a lot of time and energy.

The second factor is the ability to humanize your business. Oftentimes, a consumer views companies without a face, and not a collective of people just like you and me. Video creates emotion, trustworthiness, and a one-on-one interaction that other forms of media just can’t provide.


Building trust in your brand is key to creating a lasting connection with your consumers, and turning them into repeat customers.


Third, the ability to share video content directly correlates to revenue. Quality content spreads to others much faster and more efficiently than any other method of sales outreach. It’s this social sharing that allows you to gather qualified leads who are already interested in your product or service.


The fourth factor is the ability to analyze. Video marketing data reveals these prospects who are engaging with your content the most, allowing your sales team to follow up. They’re getting sales intelligent information that allows them to speed up their sales process.


And lastly, the idea of recycling. Yes, there is a need to create fresh content delivered frequently. However, with the right type of video content, such as a how-to video, the content is good for long periods of time.


If the content is effective, it will be searched for long after you implement it, continuing to aid your sales team, and allowing the customers to come to you, which is the backbone of inbound marketing.


– Brett Mogavero / Owner – Legacy Production Company


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