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5 Ways Health & Wellness Businesses Create More Patients Using Video


With traditional marketing methods starting to lose their effectiveness, healthcare and wellness professionals are getting more proactive with how they acquire new patients.

Relying on referrals gives you little control of how many new patients are coming in each month, making it difficult to make smart predictions on how to grow and become more profitable.


What most aren’t talking about enough are all of the places you can inject strategic video content to make your business run like a profitable, predictable, well-oiled machine.


So here are 5 ways you can use video to boost new patient acquisition and cut down on time-consuming tasks.


  1. Authentic Storytelling

If you are going to cover a complicated topic that requires some rehearsing and lots of information, it may benefit you to prepare some words ahead of time. However, when it comes to the real-life accounts of those who are impacted by your services every day, it’s best to speak off the cuff.


Video testimonials from patients should be telling an emotionally-driven story. After all, those watching aren’t interested in your list of services, they are interested in what solution your services can provide them. By finding connection points with those who have already been served by you, they will have all the information they’ll need to book an appointment with you.


No one wants to feel like they are being coerced, sold or taken advantage of. That’s why it’s incredibly powerful to let the words of other speak for you. By using the right language you can avoid coming off like a marketer or salesperson, and come from a more authentic place right from the start.


  1. Address the Local Market

Most professionals in the health and wellness space are just good, honest people that truly want to help people. You build connections with the men, women and children in your local area. This is a great opportunity to personally speak to those in your area.


For example, if you serve a suburban area, you may want to create video content that talks about the hours you spend commuting to and from work and the toll it takes on your body. If you serve those in a densely populated area, perhaps tackling topics that relate to the amount of walking one does and the damage it inflicts to the soles of your feet.


The more you can speak directly to things that a potential patient can relate to in their own environment, the more trust you can build with them. They’ll feel like you understand them and the issues they are experiencing.


  1. Find a Niche to Leverage.

An effective way to grow faster is to go after a specific audience experiencing a specific problem. For example, not every patient walking through your door will be in serious back pain and looking for immediate relief. Of course, a select few will, but you can also help those who perhaps didn’t know the back pain they’re experiencing could be due to anxiety, relationship problems or an aging mattress.


If you are going to position yourself as a thought leader on a specific issue, you need to be going after that issue in a variety of ways. You can use video to provide content such as:


  1. 5 easy ways to improve your posture at work
  2. Muscle massaging techniques you and your spouse can do at home
  3. What most people don’t realize may be causing lower back pain


By focusing on a specific issue people have, it will be a no brainer for them to come to you for help it.


With competition in the health and wellness space getting more and more fierce, appearing as a specialist will allow you to cut through the crowd and dominate. From a marketing perspective, this can be leveraged for multiple specialties, but the individual marketing messages need to be separate from one another. Each with their own video, ad and landing page.


  1. Become an Educator.

You are the professional, so you should be leveraging your extensive knowledge and expertise in a way that educates potential customers. Many will be experiencing an issue for the very first time will begin extensively researching it in order to determine their options.


When they are looking for options, you better be there to intercept them. You can use video to diagnose and suggest solutions using helpful visuals that break it all down in a way that is easy to understand.


Further down the road, you can begin to develop a library of video resources that do most of the explaining for you and educate potential patients well before they first come into contact with you. Connecting with them later stages of the buyer’s journey also saves you a lot of work remarketing to them and trying to get them to convert into a paying customer.


  1. Conquer The FAQ

Undoubtedly, your customers and those looking to invest in your services will have a lot of questions. Recognize that most of these questions are the same ones you hear over and over again.


There is a big opportunity here to automate how you answer those questions. You can use video to answer questions they may have before an appointment, such as activities to avoid in the meantime or what paperwork to bring upon arrival. You can also use it to address questions and concerns after a procedure, such as recovery time, side effects or other considerations that occur after the fact.


Best part about all of this is you only need to create that tool one time and continue to use it for every patient that enters and leaves your building. This saves you time, eliminates repetitive tasks and builds trust.


– Brett Mogavero

CEO / Creative Director – Legacy Production Company