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Video Marketing Series / 5 Tips To Keep Viewers Engaged


A great performance metric is audience retention. But how can you increase viewer’s retention in your videos?


Now, a general rule of thumb is to always keep the content on its legs. With dwindling attention spans and a high bar for entertaining and intriguing content, you can’t keep your content sitting in one place for too long.


When using YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia’s analytics tools, you can track precisely when viewers are dropping off. This is a fantastic tool for determining why and where your video content is least effective so you can make adjustments.

Another important element is variety, variety in visuals, in soundtrack, script, or any way you can mix it up to keep the narrative moving forward.


Now, we are pre-wired to respond to unexpected events. So, it’s logical we use these techniques to create variation.


Now, as we’ve mentioned in our other videos, the overall length should be in proportion with how much new and exciting information you’re presenting. This requires scripting in a way that is direct and to the point.


Excess language or overly descriptive copy is a killer to audience retention. You are safer being quick about information, as the user can always rewind or re-listen. If they leave that video, you no longer have an opportunity to state your case.


If you’re trying to implement interactivity in your videos, there are plenty of new tools for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to either lead a viewer elsewhere or get them to click something.


Keep your eyes open for new opportunities to add something that’ll grab a viewer’s attention. Blending all of these elements with enticing, thought-provoking audio and video is what makes for great content that will keep viewers locked in.


– Brett Mogavero / Owner – Legacy Production Company


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