1QPS: Event Video

  • Stonehenge NYC
  • Produced By Legacy
  • Live-Action Event Video
We regularly cover events for Stonehenge NYC in Manhattan and Long Island City, but on a particularly beautiful day in late August, the team was particularly excited to capture the essence of a New York City pool party 50 stories up. We had little idea of what to expect. The turn out was great, as it is for all events thrown at their luxury high rises, and the attendees had no problem keeping things interesting on the other side of the lens.
"From it's amenities to it's residences, every facet of this Long Island City luxury rental is testament to the proposition that life should be lived on the highest level possible."
Normally we would cover these types of events using a C300 Mark II, or a 4K DSLR, however, because the light was going to change so drastically from cloud in the early afternoon, to clear and brilliant sun towards the evening, we opted to shoot on RED with a 35 and 50mm prime lens. Shooting in natural light is always a challenge, but with 6K resolution and brilliant lens flares we managed to capture that warm, 'old school' New York vibe that we were going for.

Elevate Life.