Photo & Video

Great content begins with a proven method of ideation, talented artists and no small degree of passion for storytelling. Whether an idea is scribbled on a napkin or a tale that spans a lifetime, we know how to bring it to life and give it to the world. We always operate at a high level, executing large scale productions or web video content. After all, what matters is the end is the message.
We create content with end results in mind. Our goal is to uncover the best way to leverage your product or service and inject the maximum level of creativity into it. The process involves developing an idea, writing a script, shooting, editing, effects or graphics and sound editing. We typically include these services as part of the production package:

• Detailed Planning and Budgeting
• Script, Storyboarding
• Location Scouting & Casting
• Equipment (Camera’s, Lighting, Kits, Etc.)
• Post Production & Graphics
• Sound Design / Voiceover

Businesses should always be concerned with three things when it comes to social media content:

• Connecting with your customers
• Increasing awareness about your brand
• Boosting leads and sales

There is no better tool than video to achieve these goals. Let our creative team help you plan for multiple pieces of content that will help your business grow this year.

Video is an integral part of your event, whether visuals are being displayed within the physical space, or you are looking to capture the essence of the event itself either live, for your website or on social media. We produce video content to meet your event’s specific requirements.

• Conferences & Meetings
• Live Streaming
• Team Building
• Publicity Events / Launch Parties
• Award Ceremonies

Looking for a location or studio photo shoot? Professional photography is a highly competitive field and making your business stand out isn’t easy. Reach larger audiences while distinguishing yourself from the competition by allowing our creative team brainstorm unique and creative ideas that fulfill your vision.
Not all video is created for public consumption. If you're looking for content to use for internal communications, training modules or companywide announcements, encapsulating repetitive information into a solid video saves you time and resources.
When you are finished producing your digital video, photography, television or film, the work has only just begun. There are many tasks to be completed including management and editing of raw footage, cutting scenes, inserting transitions, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing just to name a few. We have a full suite of tools at our disposal to create a beautiful image from the raw materials, or composite in what might have been missed or may be missing.
Finding the right voice to compliment a project can be a tedious task if you don’t know what to look for. Let us streamline this process by simply tell us what kind of ‘vibe’ you are going for and we can present you with a selection of the best options. Projects like this could include narrations for instructional or promotional videos, audio books or acting in animation, but not limited to those pursuits.

Animation & Visual Effects

When you require a world of specialized tools to effectively describe your vision, you've come to the right place. Our award winning creative team delivers technical expertise in animation and visual effects that is battle tested in over a decade of high end projects. Experience what creative boundaries you can push and speak with us about your project today!
The idea of the “elevator pitch” is that you should be able to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or less than two minutes. What is great about explainer videos is no human is capable of delivering the perfect pitch so everyone can understand it consistently. It’s impossible. An explainer video helps you to deliver that elevator pitch in a consistent way every time. No matter how complex the concept, an explainer video makes sure that your message is conveyed clearly and the next step or call to action you want the viewer to take next is built right in.
Animation and motion graphics are proven methods of strengthening your message delivery. In order to engage your audience, sometimes photos and text simply aren't enough. Motion graphics help visually demonstrate a complex idea or product quickly and effectively, saving your prospective customer time and increasing your opportunity for a conversion. These graphics can include:

- Digital advertisements and website banners
- E-mail newsletters / marketing campaigns
- Promotion and demonstration videos
- Looping reels for trade shows and events
- Short corporate films

When it comes to integrating motion graphics into your marketing plan, the possibilities are endless. By taking advantage of this medium you take away the burden of mishandled information.

Using all of the latest technology, our experienced team can execute top industry standard animation for your project. Not every idea can be executed in a practical way with traditional mediums alone, so let us bring your ideas to life through 2D/3D CG, Hand-Drawn, Flash or stop Motion styles. We implement a cross-platform approach using Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max, and more to increase quality and speed of the pipeline. No matter the scope of the project, we can consult on options of how to visualize anything you can imagine.
Many times it is necessary for imagery to be created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. With a full suite of tools at our disposal, we can either execute from the ground up or assist complex VFX shots that take advantage of emerging technologies and fresh ideas.
When you make a video for your business, be it a demo video, a sales video, a training video, or any short online business video, planning things out is extremely important. One of the most important stages of planning out your video is creating a storyboard. It can save large amounts of time in the production process so it should be done smart and done right the first time around. Shot by shot, these storyboards are a graphic representation of how your video will unfold.
When a product, program, or concept is still in its early stages 3D product rendering and visualization is imperative to create compelling imagery to tell a story. Besides being great for marketing, 3D product rendering saves prototyping time and expense, and it lets users see physical conditions not obvious in 2D.

Photo-realistic images can be created from sketches, photos, sample drawing, customer-specified dimensions or CAD formats. In CAD systems data is visually unappealing and looks too computer generated. To make the image photorealistic, the real-world lighting techniques must be used and capitalized on visually.

Sound is so important in taking a production to a higher level. Even with half-decent footage, well executed Sound Design is a game changer. It involves the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating certain audio elements. Whether it’s for filmmaking, television production, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, radio and video game software development, we know how to take advantage of what your ears will respond best to.

Branding, Design & Web

Who are you in the eyes of the world? Who do you want to be? Your brand should transform your customers observations into something tangible, something they can see and understand. Together we will develop the powerful ethos that is your brand. One that sticks in the mind and builds a loyal following of customers. Building a strong brand requires the ability to see not as ourselves, but as others.
The most fundamental part of branding – the part that defines your organization, product or service and sets it apart in the mind of your customers – is brand positioning. We will propel your brand ahead of your competitors by taking the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses and position you in the best way within your market. The more that we understand your competitors, the greater our ability to craft a unique and memorable positioning statement.
A strong brand identity conveys your brand’s personality and values – and it extends into every marketing medium and tactic your organization puts into place. Forward-thinking brands capture this personality and visual direction in a corporate guidelines document, which describes your organization’s identity in depth and outlines rules so your image is always presented in a consistent manner. All of these pieces together will create the unified image that’s at the forefront of your organization and ensures your first impression is always a good one.
As the visual centerpiece of your brand, everything starts with your logo. It must create instant brand recognition, highlight your unique characteristics, communicate subconsciously with your audience, describe what it is that you do, and set the tone for your brand. Our philosophy is based around discovering everything we can about your business and engineering that information into crafting you the perfect identity.
Your website is one of the first places a potential customer will go to research and determine the credibility of your business. The design must resonate with your brands identity and function at the highest level available to todays tech-savvy consumer. The process is detail oriented, developing a level of design, functionality and optimization that would position you in the best way possible on the web. Elements of this process include Layout, Color Scheme, Graphics, Fonts, Content, etc. Everything within the final product site should be optimized for search engines and be of a suitable length, incorporating relevant keywords.
Graphic design can cover many arenas, but at the heart of it all is the process of Visual Problem Solving. The end goal is to create something that’s pleasing to the eye, serves a purpose and grabs the attention of the viewer all coming together to accurately represent your brand.
There is graphic design for the web, email, print, brand development, outdoor advertising and environmental graphics. They all contain their own unique set of challenges and should be executed beautifully and flawlessly through experience, trial and error and collaboration.
If you are that product's manufacturer, you want to make sure that in that critical time frame, the consumer will be drawn to your merchandise, have a desire to pick it up, inspect it, and make a decision to buy it. When it comes to your packaging design, you want to ensure that in that important fraction of a second, your target audience will know your product is there.

We understand the three-dimensional nature of package design, taking into account the visual elements, material and manufacturing capabilities that come into play.

When you have a complex set of information that needs to be described quickly, precisely and clearly, let us break it down into a stylistic and digestible infographic. These work great for scientists, technical writers, mathematicians, educators and statisticians to ease the process of developing, organizing, recording and communicating conceptual information by:

- Presenting a lot of data or information in a way that is compact and easy to comprehend
- Analyzing data in order to discover cause-and-effect relationships
- Periodically monitoring the route of certain parameters

Marketing & Advertising

The marketing world is a world all it's own; One that must be expertly navigated, well maintained and consistently evolved. With an awful lot of marketing and advertising plans, services and buzzwords out there, which ones actually mean something for my brand? Our strategy is geared towards absolute simplicity; executing specifically what you need, nothing that you don't and tracking progress that can pivot on a dime.
Whether it is targeted to a small, specific group of people or a huge, national outreach program, a great marketing campaign must be meticulously planned and executed with maximum effectiveness and return on marketing investment in mind. It’s important that it stays within budget, remains original and leads the consumer down the path to purchase. This process typically includes:

- Research and Discovery for Campaign Planning
- Strategic Development for Campaign
- Scheduled Execution Involving Separate Teams
- Measurement of Success Using Campaign and Web Analytics
- Final Report on Overall Results

Quickly growing in popularity, Branded Content Marketing Campaigns engage with consumers by supplying free and useful information. It resonates more naturally on an emotional level rather than focusing on the actual product you are trying to sell. This requires a trained creative eye and a knack for leveraging video on the web. We can get you in the game and help develop a strategy that will help build brand loyalty that will, in turn, generate long-cycle sales for your business.

People don’t like being sold to, it’s a discomforting experience. With branded content, your brand can provide entertainment value through humor, happiness, warmth, pride, nostalgia, sadness, awe or shock in order to resonate emotionally.

A great Social Media program helps increase your customer base, gives your organization more exposure, establishes your brand’s identity, and makes it easier to find and generate new business. When it comes to social media integration, we are talking about building specific marketing materials with social in mind. It includes providing mechanisms through which your customers can explore your brand’s social personality. These elements must be weaved together seamlessly by fueling social engagements outside of your social platform.
From billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location, Out-Of-Home advertising remains an effective way to reach a new audience. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas and we can guide your through the media buying process to target those areas. While billboards, bus benches, and transit advertising can be very effective for the small-business owner, any successful outdoor campaign begins with your own location's signage.
Print media advertising covers a wide array of different mediums that uses physically printed media, such as magazines and newspapers to reach consumers, business customers and prospects. Though Digital Marketing has become much more significant in recent times, there is no doubt Print Media still stands firm as a widely effective marketing technique. Some of these products include:

- Newspapers
- Magazines
- Billboards and Posters
- Direct Mail

Cant find the right words to say? No problem! We have some of the best wordsmiths in the city, trained with a keen eye for what resonates with an audience. What’s important to understand is that while words are the main outputs of copywriting, it involves a lot of research, thinking, tweaking and formatting. We can write, research, interview, edit, proofread, manage and source anything you throw our way. Formats we are quite familiar with include:

- Blog Posts
- White Papers
- Emails
- Social Media Posts
- Case Studies
- Website Copy


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