Liquid Lab NYC

Company Culture / Brand Video

  • Liquid Lab LLC
  • Produced By Legacy
  • 2017
Liquid Lab NYC is revolutionizing the traditional method of cocktail making and turning it into a 21st century brand of mixology. Being trailblazers in their field, Liquid Lab NYC has the distinction of being first to offer exciting new services of their own invention.
When we first approached founders Gregory Lucas and Parker Boase, we already had a ton of ideas on how to pitch the end product. The team has seldom had to use any marketing content to drive in new customers, as word of mouth has done the job for them up until this point. However, new exposure was clearly important to them, and we knew we could encapsulate the look and feel of the brand using video. They were incredibly receptive to our ideas, allowing us full access to their staff and facilities.
This project was largely 'unscripted' in every sense of the word. We wanted to capture the energy, humor and spontaneity that Greg, Parker and their staff bring to the table.
Being such an exciting and marketable subject matter, we could really focus on the beauty, colors and presentation of each shot. Over the span of a month, there were 5 separate video shoots, utilizing different locations around the city, markets, bars and hotels. We wanted to tap into the human element of the business, lightly treading on the origin story, but keeping the video quick, visually appealing and informative of their services. The technical shoot was the most fun we had, using a series of macro lenses to capture highly detailed closeups of various drinks crafted for the shoot.
With such a bright future ahead of Liquid Lab in New York City, as well as expanding into other cities, we hope to hope to continue building social media content that entices fans of mixology and cocktail crafting.

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