We are a team of marketing & production professionals who live and breathe creative content.

Brett Mogavero

Owner / Creative Director

Brett is an award winning creative director, designer and animator specializing in advertising / marketing, broadcast design, video production, visual effects & web. He has owned and operated this creative agency for nearly six years while simultaneously working at advertising / marketing agencies & vfx / production houses. He has received multiple Emmy nominations, Telly's, CINE's and other awards along the way. He has worked with a long list of heavy-hitting clients, delivering trend-conscious creative direction backed with extensive experience across different industries, countless mediums and various budgets. Outside of work, he is a world traveller, snowboarder and writer.

Ramona Lescu

Executive Producer / Director

Ramona brings the enthusiasm and experience of over 12 years in production, marketing & creative management. She is known professionally for her inspirational energy and work ethic both on and off the set. Her stunning attention to detail impresses upon her large clientele, just how much she can bring to the table for each and every one of them. She has worked with big brands like the Chicago Bears, Bud Light, Sonic, and Next Top Model just to name a few. At Legacy, she is the voice of the company and builds strong bonds and relationships with everyone she does business with. Outside of work she is a certified scuba diver, pilot and world traveller.


We utilize the most modern production and promotion techniques to craft world-class video content. Knowing the proper platform and methods starts with an in-depth discovery process of your business.

In this digital age, it is no longer good enough to simply create content without specific goals in mind. Every market has an 'in' and we help strategically develop content that utilizes big data to find where that is and give our clients a competitive advantage.


When two talented individuals found themselves craving more from their professional careers, they took a leap of faith and began to build a business that would bring about real meaning to themselves and to the people they worked with.

Founded in 2010 by Creative Director Brett Mogavero, Legacy first started out as a simple design shop and has since evolved into a video marketing company offering services with high quality and approachable affordability.


We are passionate about creating video content that performs, and just like us, our clients are just as passionate about their products and services.

We pride ourselves on our diverse clientele, ranging anywhere from NFL teams, Fashion Brands, Medical Institutions and Colleges to Hotels, Distilleries and Salons. We also specialize in bringing a modern and luxurious presence to travel, tourism and lifestyle brands.


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